How to Replace DD82-01111A Samsung Dishwasher Case Break and Overflow Sensor DD82-01373A


Does your Samsung Dishwasher show you an error code message often? If the error codes that flash on your machine says “overfill” to you, read on!

In the case where the “overfill” error occurs, you will see that the “smart auto” and the “heavy” lights keep flashing. If you are facing this issue, your Dishwasher cycle will not start in consonance with the water levels reaching the overfill sensor. This is because sometimes, due to the excessive amounts of dirty utensils we place in the dishwasher to clean, some of the food particles and grease remain in the drain and clog up the sensor.

This sensor is located on the left side panel of the dishwasher, behind the grilled drain which flushes out the dirty water from the machine after every wash. There is a small sensor at the bottom of this panel which adjudges how much water has filled into your machine and then accordingly, redirects the supply of water to fill only exactly as much as is needed.

There may be a Siphon Effect on your machine, then, and dirty water may flow into it, rather than outside of it. This, seemingly, is the one solution for these problems – be it keeping dirty water out, or filling enough water to clean the dirt off your utensils!

The Problem

The fundamental issue at hand is that a Samsung Dishwasher sometimes does not function to the best of its capabilities. This is due to the case break being clogged up with pieces of food articles and grease which come from your utensils when hot water sterilizes them. This problem causes the water level to not rise to an adequate level.

The host of problems which can be solved with a simple replacement of the Case Break and Overflow Sensor are as follows:

  • Overflowing water
  • Drain water clogging in machine
  • Dishwasher drains before the cycle is complete
  • Lights labeled ‘Heavy’ and ‘Smart Auto’ keep continually flashing during the running of the machine
  • Under-filling of the unit
  • Draining before cycle even starting
  • Low water level and no supply of water

Beware; these problems usually occur in machines which are at least 2-3 years old. If you are facing such an issue with a new machine, contact the authorized Samsung dealer and service center for assistance.

Only attempt this at home if you are adept with electrical and feel confident in your capability of replacing the part.

The Solution

The simple solution to all these dishwasher related issues is the simple replacement of the Case Break and Overflow Sensor. This is not too complicated a task for a layman to undertake. It is a short procedure, which if followed correctly, can lead to the elimination of issues in your machine and prolongs the life of the same.

  • Why Replace Part and Not Machine?
  • The question that arises out of this problem is whether to have the machine replaced by the manufacturer, or whether to have it repaired. The answer is quite simple.

    Having the entire machine replaced could take a relatively long time, and the results will be the same – a faulty machine with a perennial problem. Only repairing the part through your authorized service center can also prove to be an expensive affair, with hundreds of dollars spent on bringing a handyman home to fix something you are fully capable of changing by yourself, in the comfort of your own home. And all this is not considerate of the time that you will then be forced to spend cleaning your cutlery, painstakingly, by hand.

    Besides, there is nothing too technical about replacing the DD82-011111A in your Samsung machine. You do not need a handyman or a mechanic to solve these issues. Instead, you can rely on yourself.

    The replacement itself can be purchased online through many outlets, the link to two of which is given below:

    These products have been given 5 Stars for their affordability and utility. The price for this replacement can range from $109 - $164 depending on what outlet you choose to buy from. Customer reviews have been raving about the simplicity of use of this product which has saved numerous customers a lot of money.

    How To Replace

    Before we move into the technical details of the issue at hand, let us look at a few essentials.

    Here is what you need to conduct this replacement:

    • T20 Torx Screwdriver
    • Phillips Screwdriver
    • Wrench
    • Needle-nosed Pliers
    • Rag for cleaning excess water
    • Replacement Case Break product

    Total time taken for full assembly: 45 minutes (Upper Limit)


    1. Step 1: Uninstall your appliance. Turn off the main power switch and water supply to the machine. Now, with a screwdriver, remove the outer panel of the dishwasher and keep aside.
    2. Step 2: Use the wrench to unthread the water supply line from the inlet valve that will now be visible. Some water might spill in the process, so be careful to mop it up before moving ahead.
    3. Step 3: Next, we move to the junction box. Unthread the screws on the cover and open the box. Here you will find a few wires which are connected to one another. Take a photo of the arrangement to recreate when done. Unscrew the strain relief on the base of the wires and disconnect all wires to prevent electric shocks.
    4. Step 4: Now, disconnect the drain pipe from the kitchen sink drain or trash disposal, as applicable.
    5. Step 5: Once done with the drain pipe, unscrew the mounting screws put in place to hold the machine to the cabinet or countertop. This increased mobility might require you to also unscrew the legs of the machine with a screwdriver, to allow repairs.

    Once done, unmounts the dishwasher and remove it from its designated spot. Beware; the machinery is heavier than it appears.

    1. Step 6: Open machine now and remove the dish rack on the bottom half. A grill will now be visible.

    Use the pliers to pull open the drain grill. Rotate this counterclockwise until it comes off. The grill is where the sensor for the water level actually is housed and must be removed for it to work normally.

    1. Step 7: Now, remove the left side access panel on the side of your machine. Again, you will be required to take a photograph of the arrangement of the hoses so as to be able to fix it back. This is the panel which you will be replacing.
    2. Step 8: Release the spring clamps using the plier, and free the hoses once placement is memorized. Now, disconnect the two wire connectors you see in front of you. This will detach the entire panel from the machine and you will be able to fix in the new part.
    3. Step 9: Finally, transfer the gasket into the new panel that you have purchased and connect the wire connectors so as to place it in its original position. This gasket is the only part of this replacement case breaks and water sensor which prevents it from leaking onto your floors.

    Attach the hoses to their designated position and secure the same with the spring clamps previously used.

    1. Step 10: Replace the side access panel now, making sure that the larger screw goes into the back.
    2. Step 11: This is one of the final steps in the process of replacing the case break and overflow sensor. Replace the grill onto the inside of the dishwasher. Push the dish rack back into place. Close the dishwasher, and make sure that the drain pipe is in its position and connected to the kitchen sink drain or to the garbage disposal.

    Make sure that the power and water supply lines are connected properly before you push the dishwasher back into the cabinet designate, and then mount the machine to the countertop.

    1. Step 12: Once the dishwasher is secured onto the designated spot, readjust its legs if they had been unscrewed for better movement of the machine by you while undertaking the repairs.
    2. Step 13: While finishing, make sure that the drain pipe which is attached to the drain of the sink or garbage disposal, is elevated from its point of meeting with the drain.
    3. Step 14: Replace the wire strain relief and all the wire nuts back onto the junction box, and then screw on the cover of this box.

    This will conclude the process of replacing a Samsung Dishwasher Case Break and Overflow Sensor in your Samsung Dishwasher. Now you can easily put back the power and water supply of your dishwasher and enjoy uninterrupted clean washing of utensils!

    What are you waiting for? Order your replacement and get repairing!

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