Maytag Fridge Control Board Repair Kit



Fridge Repair Kit with Highest Quality Japanese Panasonic Capacitors

Is your refrigerator suddenly not working properly?  Is it displaying one or more of the following symptoms?

  • The display on the front of the fridge shows lines or dots, and/or it flashes.
  • The Ice dispenser flaps.
  • Fridge can't keep cooling consistently and/or repeatedly tries to start.  You may hear repeated clicks, beeps, and whirling.  Eventually, you might hear the compressor unsuccessfully try to start.
  • Possibly after a power outage, the fridge may take several minutes or hours of clicking and whirling before it finally starts up and operates normally.  Or it may keep trying forever and never start up.  At other times it just sits there silently doing nothing at all.
Most domestic models such as Whirlpool, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, and Maytag fridges use a variation of the same control board.  One or more capacitors on this control board can fail due to aging and/or voltage spikes, resulting in a variety of weird symptoms.  It's a VERY common and well-known problem.
Start by opening up the back panel on your fridge.  The control board is the large circuit board similar to the one pictured in this listing.  Read the model number off of your control board.  Does it match one of the model numbers listed below?  Check the 3 capacitors in a row.  Is the capacitor on the left smaller than the other two?  (See photo)  Then this kit is for you.  If not, look at our "
Fridge Control Board Repair Kit W10310240 W10213583 WPW10312695 Maytag JennAir

You can buy the newest W10310240A model control board from Appliance Parts Canada to replace your faulting original model control board, but be warned that you may also have to replace your expensive display board due to compatibility issues.  It's better to fix your existing control board.  And you can repair it yourself for $25 using this kit.  In most cases (but not all), this repair kit will fix the problem and you'll save yourself a lot of money.  
It's not always easy to tell which capacitors may be blown on the control board. Often blown capacitors look perfectly good, with no bloating or leakage.  The easiest solution is to simply remove and replace all 7 of the suspect capacitors.  
This kit contains a variety of 7 brand new capacitors needed to replace the old capacitors on the refrigerator control boards listed below.  We ship you the highest-quality, best-performing, Japanese 105C long-life Panasonic and Nichicon capacitors.  Beware that other sellers may ship cheap Chinese, short-life capacitors.
The repair requires you or a technician to simply replace each of the old capacitors on the control board with the corresponding new capacitor in the kit.  Carefully desolder each capacitor and solder in the replacement capacitor of the same value.  Each of these capacitors has polarity and must be installed with the negative "-" terminal connected to the same solder pad as the original capacitor's negative terminal.  Replacement requires basic soldering skills, the ability to read the values printed on the side of the capacitors, and tools such as a soldering iron, solder wick, and solder.  There are videos on YouTube showing how to desolder and solder electronic parts.
If you are careful, this is an easy repair and should take 10 or 20 minutes.  However, we are not responsible for any damage resulting from an attempt to repair your control board.  And although the replacement of these 7 capacitors typically repairs failed control boards, there is no guarantee that it will fix the problem.  Buy and use at your own risk.
This kit works with many domestic refrigerators from Whirlpool, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, and Maytag.  It may be used on the following control board model numbers:

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