Whirlpool Control Board Repair Kit

This is a repair service for a Maytag, Amana, or Kenmore W10890094 refrigerator control board. This control board can fail in the following ways:

  • Display lights flashing
  • Ice dispenser door flapping between open/close position
  • Constant clicking or beeping
  • Refrigerator is not cooling properly due to dispenser flapping 

The benefits of our repair are that we correct the root cause of the control board problem by replacing the faulty components with high quality upgraded components in it's place to ensure proper function and longevity.

This repair kit contains 8 parts.
This kit works with the following control boards:
  • W10310240
  • 12920717SP
  • 12920719SP
  • W10213583
  • 12920724
  • 12920721
  • W10191108
  • W10165854
  • W10164422
  • W10164420
  • W10162662
  • WPW10312695
  • W10312695
  • MFI2569VEQ1
  • MFI3568AES
  • MFI2269VEM7
This repair kit is compatible with many different refrigerator brands.

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